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Migrant Workers Ministry: Information, Experiences and Meditations on Filipino people in Diaspora

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Soothing wind, fierce waves, bamboo shoots growing



Their ministry as mission co-workers with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) in the Migrant Workers MInistry is a challenging job. They took over a ministry which had its beginnings in 1998. Many changes took place. One of these is the on-going intensive crackdown on undocumented foreign workers. Because of this many decided to go home in late 2003. The remnants who are now few together with the Filipino women married to Korean citizens animate the life and ministry in Yang Cheon district of Metropolitan Seoul.

Community building is the process of cohesion among Filipino migrant workers who need to participate in the different facets of the religious and cultural life in this part of Seoul. The basis of unity is the Christian faith and expressed in collective worship and action for those in need and distress.

Where is the ministry going? we may ask. It has been revealed in many occasions hosted by ministry  that there is a growing number of international marriages among Filipino women and Korean men. while there is a decreasing trend in the number of Filipino migrant workers, there is an increasing number of mix or international marriages. The ministry has assisted several women who have marital problems and concerns.


-Religious services in English and in the Reformed tradition 
3:00 P.M. every Sunday
-Free Counseling Services for both labor and marriage related problems
-Document procurement facilitation especially for those being processed for deportation
-Korean Language Studies
2:00 P.M. every Sunday
-Monthly fellowship games and pot luck / buffet meal
-Yearly tour and recreation

In the spirit of kinship we hold contemporary reading of the Bible and share our life's experiences. After that we share our hobbies like picture taking, music collection and others. It is also the time to know each other's work and living situation, including some travel and social transactions. 


Psalm 23
John 3: 1-21
Matthew 5: 1-10